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Club Tournament

Finals Day 2015 2016 Tournament Results 2015 Tournament Results

General conditions of entry:


1 Club subscriptions must have been paid

2 The tournament will consist of the best of 3 sets with normal deuce in all sets

3 Finals day - Adults matches: 2 full sets with normal deuce and, where needed, a championship tie break as the 3rd set

4 Finals day - Juniors matches: 2 full sets with normal deuce and then receivers choice ‘sudden death’ deuce and, where needed, a championship tie break as the 3rd set

5 Finalists must be available for Finals Day on Saturday 3rd September 2016

6 Entry fees must be paid at the same time as the entry is submitted. Tournament entries will not be accepted without the relevant entry fee

7 Members specifying a partner as ‘wanted’ for a doubles tournament will be randomly drawn into pairs. Entry fees will be returned where this cannot be done

8 Player(s) will be seeded at the time of the draw

9 For the Doubles events there must be a minimum number of 6 pairings and no alteration to the pairing will be permitted once the draw has been made

10 All matches must be completed by the relevant ‘Play by Date’. There will be no extensions and no exceptions to this rule. In the event of a match not being completed on time, the tournament committee (whose decision is final) will determine which players/players will be eliminated. In the absence of special circumstances to be taken account of, the committee will,  as a general rule, put through the higher seeded player/players


Senior Tournament:

Junior Tournament:


The closing date for entries is midnight 11th May 2016 – for doubles events both partners must have paid their entry fees for the entry to be valid

2016 Download Tournament Results 2016 Adult Plate Results Copy of ADULT PLATE TOURNAMENTS 2016wsv2.xlsx Junior Tournament Entry Form Junior Tournament Form 2017.doc Tournament 2017 Entry Form Tournament Form 2017.doc