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Develop a personalised coaching programme with our head coach Andy Te.  There are several approaches:
o Continuous:  one-to-one or one-to-two coaching until you reach membership levels
o Split year: personal coaching through Summer 2018 to reach a basic level then join our 2019 ‘rusty player’ group coaching sessions as a route to membership
o Accelerated: personal coaching then join an external weekend / week coaching course as a faster route to membership
o Via our ‘Midweek Mums and Dads’ programme.
Discounted initial year membership fee.  Unlike many clubs, there is no separate joining fee.
On joining, become eligible for:
o up to four ‘turn up and play’ sessions per week
o up to six individual coaching sessions on a ‘buy-two get two free’ basis (3 x 2 = 6)
o normal club benefits: bookable courts, tennis balls, social events, etc.
To find out more please contact coach Andy Te at ndrwte@yahoo.co.uk   or on 07971 151411

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Children new to tennis – please see ‘juniors’

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